IGeLU 2021
IGeLU 2021 Digital Conference Presentations are now available

The IGeLU 2021 Digital Conference presentations are now available

More points for Primo!

tic mars and pencil

Due to the hard work of our IGeLU Steering Committee, in collaboration with Ex Libris and ELUNA Steering Committee, our community will see the benefits of increased community driven product development for Primo. In the latest Product Development Collaboration Agreement, signed in July 2021, Primo development points will now be 200 from next year (2022), […]

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Primo WG Updates – Aug 2021

August is a busy month, with the IGeLU 2021 Conference soon in full swing! We’re continuing to keep the Enhancements delivery details up to date, with just a few updates on items for NERS 2020 still to be delivered from November 2021 through February 2022. See all the details here: https://igelu.org/products/primo/primo-enhancements We’ve also completed our […]

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Primo WG Updates – July 2021

2021 Enhancements Update We have concluded our 2021 enhancements process, which comprised one voting round for 98 Votable submissions for the member community to consider and prioritise votes.  We had an absolutely stellar result with almost 50,990 votes submitted, which was almost 15,000 more than in 2020.  Our member engagement continues to grow year on […]

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2021 Ex Libris Q&A

The 2021 Digital Conference will include Product specific Question & Answer sessions and a General Question & Answer session with Ex Libris Board of Management on Thursday 26th August (London Time) You are invited to submit questions for the product specific and general Q&A sessions by filling out the form here The deadline for submitting questions […]

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IGeLU CHAIR Election

Ihis year the office of IGeLU Chair has expired and we have to proceed with the new elections. The outgoing president: DAVE ALLEN has presented his candidacy for a new mandate, lasting 3 years. According with the Statute, the elections will take place on-line, through the NERS technological platform and the link is available on […]

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