Elections & Voting

Elections for membership of the Steering Committee is a crucial part of the annual conference. All IGeLU members are eligible to vote (one vote per institution).

The position of Chair is held for three years, and ordinary Steering Committee members have a two year term, but not all members are elected in one year. Note that the role of Treasurer is not elected, but is an ex officio member of the Steering Committee.

The schedule of upcoming elections for membership of the Steering Committee is as follows:

Institutions that are paid-up members with the IGeLU annual fee are recognized as Members and have the right to participate in the Assembly.
According to the Statute, we need a quorum of one third of all Members to validate the decisions of the Assembly concerning projects, plan of activities, expenses, election of the Steering Committee members, etc. This is a crucial step and it is of great importance in the life of the Association, both from a legal and operational point of view.
The voting procedure for Steering Committee Members will take place by electronic process, via NERS. All the Institutions, which are up to date with their annual fee payment, will be invited to vote.
The results of the voting process will be announced at the Annual IGeLU Conference, during the Cllsing Session. 
If your institution didn’t receive the e-mail please let us know contacting the secretariat at secretariat@igelu.org