News from the Primo/Metalib Product Working Group

OvP Additional Functionality Ballot In response to inquiries from both the IGeLU Primo/Metalib Product Work Group and the ELUNA Primo Product Working Group (PWG) concerning necessary improvements to the OPAC via Primo (OvP) functionality in Primo, Ex Libris management recognized the need for a one-time special enhancements voting process to identify the areas of concern […]

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Pivotal Replacement Project

SalesForce testing and implementation Members of the IGeLU and ELUNA Steering Committees and Product Working Groups recently attended a SalesForce training session and afterwards undertook some testing for Ex Libris in a sandbox version of SalesForce, the replacement system for Pivotal. Feedback from this testing has been and will be incorporated by Ex Libris into […]

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Report from the Steering Committee Meeting in Berlin, March 2013

System Seminar 2014 After discussions about the pros and cons the Steering Committee accepted the suggestion of Ex Libris to hold the next system seminar in 2014 in conjunction with the IGeLU meeting. As in Haifa, the two events will start with the 3 days IGeLU meeting followed by a two days system seminar. The […]

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SFX Voting Concluded

The 2012 SFX software enhancement cycle officially kicked off on Monday, September 24. IGeLU members had until Friday October 19th to submit enhancement requests to NERS, and voting took place between October 26th and November 26th. Please see the SFX members pages for further details. […]

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Aleph PWG update

The 2012 enhancement voting cycle was completed successfully on March 21st, and as a result six enhancements were forwarded to Ex Libris for development. We anticipate the most, if not all, of these enhancements will be included in a December 2012 service pack. The final enhancement descriptions are posted elsewhere on the website. This was […]

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Voyager PWG update

The enhancement ballot for Voyager 9.0 closed at the end of March, with over 6,600 votes recorded – a really positive outcome that allowed Voyager customers to express their priorities for development. The IGeLU PWG have worked closely with our counterparts in ELUNA to analyse the results and put forward recommendations for the top 20 […]

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