What is happening with NERS?

NERS, the New Enhancements Request System, has been up and running for over a year now and has supported software enhancement processes for Digitool, Primo, and Aleph, and multiple rounds of CKB enhancements voting for SFX and MetaLib.  The NERS team has been collecting feedback for the system over the past year.  While the system […]

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Enhancement planning: Primo and Digitool on the horizon

Planning for an enhancement cycle for both Primo and Digitool are now in progress: Primo The Primo PWG Enhancement group (Naomi Greidinger, Christian Haenger and Ole Holm) have been working on the de-duping and clarification of a long list of enhancements for Primo which have been extracted from the Pivotal system by Jorgen Madsen, Primo […]

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Aleph voting – final round

The final round of this year’s voting on the enhancements for Aleph is now open. This is a little later than planned – the delay having being caused by the work involved in discussion, clarification, assessment and allocation of points, by ourselves and Ex Libris. The voting will remain open through January 7, 2011 in […]

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Voyager enhancements

The Voyager v8.2 enhancement cycle started on 27th October 2010, and will run through to 19th November 2010. This is the first proper Voyager enhancement cycle for some time, so please do take this opportunity to make your voice heard! IGeLU and ELUNA Product Working Groups have built a ballot from requests submitted to Pivotal, […]

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MetaLib CKB results

The first MetaLib CKB voting using the IGeLU and ELUNA NERS system was held between Monday 30th August and Monday 4th October. All IGeLU and ELUNA members were eligible to vote, and during the process 18 different member institutions from 9 different regions entered 59 different resource requests. The results of the voting were: SciFinder […]

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