IGeLU Leganto Product Working Group

Terms of Reference


The IGeLU Leganto Product Working Group was formed in 2016, to support the release of the Ex Libris product, Leganto. The Working Group’s members are both development partners and early adopters of the product. The purpose of the Working Group is to strengthen the product through the establishment of a relationship between the user community and Ex Libris.


The goal of this group is to grow the relationship between the user community and Ex Libris, and co-ordinate the enhancement and future development of Leganto.


  • Group members will share implementation challenges and successes.
  • Group members will discuss and bring product development ideas to Ex Libris.
  • Group will participate in Ex Libris meetings and conferences to promote Leganto.
  • The group will bring Leganto technical concerns to Ex Libris.
  • The group will share information about their work on the IGeLU website.

The committee will achieve its objectives by:

  1. Maintaining key documents relevant to the functioning of the committee
  2. Providing contributions for IGeLU website and News in Brief
  3. Participating in meetings and conferences to promote Leganto
  4. Encouraging the development of a user community through the Leganto-L mailing list
  5. Gathering user cases, related to ideas for product development and technical concerns, through the Leganto-L Mailing list
  6. Promoting user cases with Ex Libris to facilitate product development and championing of technical concerns
  7. Conducting “Show and Tell” sessions

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Coordinator
    • Responsible for communication with Ex Libris and Steering Committees and overall coordination and communication
  • Leganto Product Working Group Liaison
    • IGeLU Steering Committee representative attends Leganto PWG meetings
  • Working Group Members
    • Encourage the development of the Leganto User community through participation in the Leganto-L list, conference presentations, meetings, “show and tell”, and contributing to the IGeLU website and News in Brief
    • Collate and champion product developments in accordance with the needs of the user community
    • Champion technical concerns on behalf of the user community


The role of the Coordinator has a formal status. The coordinator serves as the official representative and contact with the User Group Steering Committees and Ex Libris. Members of the Working Body that hold a formal role are expected to attend the regular User Group conference calls and face-to-face meetings at annual conferences. Other roles are less formal and may be shared by members of the Working Body.


The Leganto Product Working Group meets bi monthly by teleconference.

Mailing Lists

Leganto-L discussion group is hosted by IGeLU and ELUNA.  Subscription is open to Ex Libris customers and to employees of Ex Libris and/or its affiliates and resellers.

Please be aware that for your subscription request to be approved, you must be either a current staff member at an institution that has signed a contract for an Ex Libris product, or a current employee of Ex Libris or one of its affiliates.

Subscribe at  https://exlibrisusers.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/leganto

Working Group

Past Leganto Members

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